Our Founders

Because behind every product, there are people. We are inspired by the founders behind our brands, and we believe their stories are worth sharing. That's why we have created a community of founders and like-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about clean beauty.

  • Neada Deters

    Like so many, I never felt represented by this industry. It was always a world of aspiration, not inclusion.

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  • Bea Fagerholt and Liv Winther

    HONEY is the result of the duo’s in-depth understanding of efficacious skincare.

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  • Molly Nord

    I found a natural place for my passion and knowledge.

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  • Levi and Mushie Feigenson

    Both her and her husband found it a challenge to find aesthetically pleasing, practical, and safe baby products.

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  • Gabrielle Mirkin and Luke Harwood

    As a family we’ve built a company that works prolifically with natural resources, not only natural resources but ones with an origin from our native country of New Zealand.

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  • Cecilie Hjelmager and Julie Herskin

    We're serious about pleasure, which means we're giving intimacy the respect it deserves with high quality products and honest stories.

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