HONEY embraces the time in a woman's life where her body needs most care and attention. We know how important self-care is for our self-esteem – whether just a few minutes in the bathroom each day or time-out from the daily grind to breathe deeply and ground yourself.

All HONEY products are created as environmentally friendly as possible with natural and, wherever possible, organic ingredients – and always 100% fragrance-free.

HONEY want to be a healthy, conscious choice for the pregnant woman, breastfeeding mother or someone who simply wishes to use tested and effective ingredients. At the same time,  they want to support our planet so that we and future generations can live in a healthy world. Each product works in tandem with the skin’s natural functions and hormonal phasesto promote a healthy, glowing complexion.

Founders of HONEY

Meet Liv Winther and Bea Fagerholt

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