Meet Bea Fagerholt and Liv Winther

Founders of honey

HONEY was founded in 2020 by former Danish beauty directors Liv Winther and Bea Fagerholt. In 2018, they established To The Moon, Honey, an inclusive universe for expectant and existing mothers, featuring podcasts and articles about the many facets of motherhood. To The Moon, Honey has grown into a successful audience on important topics concerning motherhood, mental health and selfcare. 

HONEY is the result of the duo’s in-depth understanding of efficacious skincare. It is also a response to lister and reader requests for clean skincare for use before, during and after childbirth. Certified, fragrance-free and formulated with well-documented ingredients, the HONEY skincare range it not only highly effective, but also tailored to the specific needs and desires of women in all stages of life. 

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