Welcome to DAGG

DAGG is your new cool online boutique that offers a curated selection of safe, clean and premium beauty brands for the whole family.

We hold exclusive high-quality, natural beauty products that are free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Whether you are preparing for motherhood, or simply looking to incorporate healthier beauty habits into your routine, DAGG is your new go-to place.  

Our handpicked brands are safe to use during all stages of your life, including pregnancy and nursing. We also offer a range of products for babies and kids, so you can feel confident that your entire family is using safe and gentle products. 

Our Vision

DAGGs vision is to be the most inspiring and educational place to go to when you want to purchase clean beauty products. For us, clean beauty is about embracing conscious choices that not only enhance your beauty routine but also do good for the planet.

We believe that sustainability should be part of everyone's mindset and lifestyle. It's essential for us to collaborate with brands that share our vision and are committed to minimizing their environmental impact as much as possible. As an e-commerce platform, we recognize that this task is challenging and we strive to make continuous improvements with every step we take.

The packaging and material of the products we sell is to a wide extent made by recycled material and are recyclable, the boxes we ship in have the environmentally friendly certificate FSC and the stamp of the boxes is done with water-based ink. 

Our Story

DAGG was founded in Stockholm in 2023 by Sarah and Bérengère, two friends and beauty enthusiasts who wanted to create a unique and safe place where women could purchase skincare products suitable for all stages of life, including pregnancy & nursing.  

After almost 10 years of working in the beauty industry and becoming pregnant with their first children, the duo realised that they were missing a place where women could find effective beauty products that were both free from harmful ingredients and gentle on the skin. With that in mind, DAGG Beauty was created.