Founders of SITRE

Meet Cecilie Hjelmager and Julie Herskin

We are Cecilie Hjelmager and Julie Herskin, the two founders behind sitre.

We founded Sitre as we simply didn't understand why the products we would use during sex made us feel less, wrong, unsexy.

And why did they have to be hidden away? And the more research we did, the more we realised the products on the market just weren't of high quality.

Since we couldn't find any products that had a much-needed honest, relatable and mindful take on sexiness, we decided it was time to give the industry an update. We partnered with the best skincare experts in Denmark and sitre was born and saw the light of day in February 2021.

We truly believe our experiences are shaped by the language and stories that exist around intimacy. That's we work hard to move away from pleasure being 'naughty' and dirty' and instead caring and kind.

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